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Niamh O'Connor
Published on July 4, 2018
Welcome to your guide to navigating the fast-paced city of Hong Kong!

Octopus card
Your golden ticket to Hong Kong transport. Not only can this gem be used for buses, trains, and taxis, you can also use it in shops, bars and restaurants. A fantastic way to keep all your cash in one place while avoiding those pesky bank charges. (and coins).

Octopus cards are available in the arrivals hall in the airport and at every MTR station. Find out more

To/from the airport:

Bus: You’ll need to hop on the A11 or E11 from the airport to the Convention Center, with a transfer to the 40M en route.

Metro: The Hong Kong metro is the ideal way to travel. No traffic, low prices, and you’re reducing your carbon footprint. You can view the MTR system map here. he Airport Express goes right from the airport to the Convention Center, with a changeover at Central MTR Station getting off at the Wan Chai MTR station.
Estimated time: 40 minutes | Approximate price: $105 HKD/$13.50 USD

Taxi: Take an urban taxi (the red one, NOT the green – the green taxis only serve the New Territories). The main taxi collection/drop-off point is located at the Harbour Road entrance, with a secondary taxi rank at Expo Drive. Keep in mind that taxis in Hong Kong don’t accept credit cards, so cash is essential. Hong Kong dollars are available at the airport.
Estimated time: 45 minutes | Approximate price: $290 HKD/$37 USD

Uber: Once again, Uber’s got our backs. Download the app here for a fast, reliable way to get around Hong Kong.

Have fun exploring Hong Kong! If you have any questions, contact us at info@riseconf.com