JULY 8-11, 2019

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JULY 8-11, 2019

“I love that the world is data-intensive – unfortunately, it’s called ‘big data'”
Werner Vogels, CTO, Amazon
At binate.io, the world’s leading data conference, data specialists from companies like Beifendian, Reddit, and Pivotal will explore the latest developments and most interesting data science applications of the future.


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Use your data so it's predictive, not just prescriptive Suzy Deering, CMO, eBay

Important directions in civilization were made possible because there was systematic data Stephen Wolfram, CEO, Wolfram Research

Data science is the electricity of our era Vitaly Gordon, VP, Salesforce

Companies that attend

What's happening?

Data specialists from companies like LinkedIn, Yandex and Amazon will explore the latest developments and most interesting applications of data science today – and more importantly, tomorrow. Join us at RISE for binate.io, the world's leading data conference.

Data Science

If you’re planning to disrupt an industry with data science, this is one track you won’t want to miss.

How can businesses adopt a data-driven culture?
What is the best way to sync data science and marketing teams?
How can a startup apply data science to decision-making?

Machine learning and IoT

The internet of things is growing rapidly, but the amount of data associated with wearable technology is growing even faster.

How can we ensure IoT data is private and secure?
How and where is our IoT data stored? What happens when a bad actor is privy to this data?
Can consumers exploit their own wearable data?
What we can learn from lifeloggers: Should we all be doing it?
What does the future of data look like and what road will take us there?

Data is beautiful

Data visualisation is more of an art than a science. What can we learn from the pictures in front of us?

What are the best practices in data visualisation?
Cutting edge platforms and tools: How they can be applied to your industry?
What role does data play in the future of interactive design?
How will data, design and analytics impact the future of marketing?

Distributed computing

As the number of metrics used to gain deeper insights into modern business increases, so does the demand for scalable, flexible and powerful processing solutions.

How can we develop our metrics to match our development?
How can distributed computing be applied to enterprises of different scales?
How can businesses integrate distributed computing into their current analytic toolsets to improve the quality and speed of their current insights?
How will distributed computing revolutionise AR and IoT?
How do data scientists configure and tune distributed systems?

Data ownership and security

Now that big data and privacy is in the private eye, we examine data usage on a massive scale and what this means for your company.

What is data ownership in 2018 and what is the relevance of data autonomy?
What effects does GDPR have on international business?

The event was packed with hundreds of tech startups eager to raise their profile
The Economist

The optimism at the RISE technology conference here in Hong Kong is palpable

Everywhere you go it’s buzzing and it’s electric

Discover RISE's 13 conferences