HONG KONG, JULY 8-11, 2018

"When it comes to creative inspiration, job titles and hierarchy are meaningless"

- Ed Catmull, Pixar

creatiff is a leading design conference, connecting thousands of designers and creatives

A ticket to creatiff is the same cost as a ticket to RISE. Your ticket gives you access to all of creatiff's sessions, as well as more than a dozen other conferences held during RISE.

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creatiff unites graphic designers and artists responsible for the design of the world’s top institutions, and globally recognised packaging, illustrations and products.


Tailored to designers interested in creating the best human interaction with products, this track will hear from the world’s leading UC designers and agencies.

How do you create a seamless user experience?
UX Design: A force for social good?
How do you identify the pain points in your product?


If you’re an industrial designer helping to create and mass produce products for humanity, this one’s for you. Hear from companies and industrial designers at the forefront of industrial design.

What are the greatest challenges in designing for the new wave of connected devices?
To what extent does interrelation of form and function define and/or limit the production process?
How will the future of product development affect the design process?
What are the social responsibilities of mass production?


This track is tailored to motion designers dedicated to delighting the world with engaging motion graphics, films and VR. Attendees will hear from the world’s leading motion designers and agencies, and explore the future of VR and how to design for it.

Moving from style to substance: How can motion designers focus on function of aesthetics?
How can you incorporate motion graphics into your content marketing strategy?
What’s the next evolution in project mapping?


Explore the universal aspect of graphic design as a means of communication and information with the world’s leading graphic designers, founders and studios.

What are the key trends in graphic language?
What will graphic design look like in 5 years?
Is the design studio dying?

Design Thinking

Join the track tailored specifically to both designers and those looking to enlighten their design sensibilities. Attendees will hear from the world’s leading designers, agencies and academics.

What are the best practices in human-centred design?
How can you best educate your client?
What are the major trends in design thinking?

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