The first of our Summits for Web Summit 2016

HONG KONG, JULY 11-13, 2017

"Are you ready to talk about the future?"

- Facebook CTO, Mike Schroepfer

FullSTK is the world's leading conference for developers, investors, futurists, engineers and computing experts. A ticket to FullSTK is the same cost as a ticket to RISE. Your  ticket gives you access to all of FullSTK's sessions, as well as more than a dozen other conferences held during RISE.

Meet Our First Speakers

Companies That Attend

What's Happening?

FullSTK showcases some of the world's most impressive developers and data scientists. Leaders from GitHub, Facebook, Amazon, Google and more are coming together for content, exhibiting startups, parties and more.


Hear from the world’s leading leading practitioners of DevOps and others who’ve used the Agile model to successfully disrupt their industries.

Why should you practise DevOps and how can you get the most out of it?
Why does DevOps boost developer productivity?
How do you achieve agility in DevOps?
How can DevOps be used to manage your deployments and infrastructure at scale?


The potential applications of data are constantly changing and evolving. How can you make them work for you? This track will explore how to manage your data at any size and scale.

Which are the best practices to extrapolate insightful data?
NoSql or relational databases: How to choose?
How can you protect your users’ data from new forms of attack?
How can you manage exabytes of data?


Explore how businesses are adapting to the ever-changing definition of the cloud and using it the best of their advantage.

What are the best Saas products on the market?
How can you take advantage of the cloud to scale?
Is there still value in a PaaS?
What businesses can benefit most from moves to the cloud?

Web Development

What modern tools of the trade are absolutely essential for developers? This track will explore the changing landscape of web development.

Just how important is responsive design for companies of all sizes?
How can new technologies give startups an advantage over more established competitors?
What problems are faced by developers as companies go global?
What language will dominate the future of web development?


Join a focused debate on the greatest change in the world of computing. Learn all about the cutting edge of mobile development and why it’s important for you.

What are the best practices with cross-platform development?
What are the most obvious gaps in the mobile market?
What are the best tools to optimise your dev process?
How is the world adapting to mobile?

Open Source

Hear why some of the biggest tech companies in the world are writing open source software; how government agencies are using open source; and how organisations of all sizes are supporting this movement.

How can you best use open source to speed application development?
Is open source a security risk or a security benefit?
Is there a way of implementing a formal policy for choosing open source code?
SaaS vs custom development vs support: How can you monetise open source?

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