JULY 8-11, 2019

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JULY 8-11, 2019

Mentor Hours

20 minutes to learn how to grow a unicorn. Meet the people who’ve done it all before.
Applications for Mentor Hours 2019 will open soon.
You can apply for our 2019 ALPHA startup programme below.


What are Mentor Hours?

Mentor Hours are a series of pre-scheduled, 20-minute meetings between our high-level attendees and startups.

Last year more than 400 startups got access to top speakers, leading investors, influential media and global partners to get one-on-one advice on starting, growing and scaling a successful business.


Previous mentors include

How do Mentor Hours work?

Mentor Hours have four distinct tracks – Lead, Engage, Build and Grow. Each track has a specific focus and mentor to ensure you discuss the issues most important to your startup.


Master the art of leadership, strategy, entrepreneurship and hiring. Our attending CEOs and Managing Directors will share their experience on enhancing leadership capabilities while optimising your team’s personal growth and company strategy.

Learn how to tell your story to the world. Our attending media and brand experts will share their personal experience on marketing, brand identity, social engagement and public relations. This is your chance to ask questions you can’t ask the media or your customers.

Learn more about product development, software, hardware, big data, UI and UX or front/back-end development. Our attending engineers, data scientists and product designers will share their personal experience on all things related to product, both hardware and software.

Raising capital or just need some financial guidance? Ask our attending investors and top-level fund managers the questions you can’t ask while negotiating investment or applying for a business loan. This is the do’s and don’ts of financial management, investment and effective negotiation.

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