JULY 8-11, 2019

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JULY 8-11, 2019

“In 20 years, we’ll be carrying around these wonderful little computers where you can pay anybody, anywhere in the world, using Bitcoin.”
Gavin Andresen, Chief Scientist, Bitcoin Foundation
MoneyConf is where the world’s leading banks, tech firms and disruptive startups meet. Industry decision makers and startups looking to transform the market will connect to discuss the future of finance.


Meet our 2018 speakers

We're now in the experience era of banking Brett King, CEO, Moven

There are very few people who really understand what’s going on in this world, and understand how you transact Yoni Assia, Founder, eToro

We looked to the future and technology is the defining factor Carlos Torres, CEO, BBVA

Companies that attend

What's happening?

Will the blockchain change finance forever? What impact will it have beyond cryptocurrencies? The founders and CEOs of the world's most innovative fintech startups will join decision makers from major traditional banks to explore the future of money, payments, banking and investing.


More and more investors are investing their money into cryptocurrencies in 2019. Given that there are now over 5,000 to choose from, how do they choose? What will the next 12 months show us?


Are there competing cryptocurrencies to bitcoin and if so, what are they in 2019?
How does a cryptocurrency startup manage regulation and compliance when acting in areas of ambiguity?
Are third-party tech firms killing the retail banking sector?
How significant is Ether as an example of how cryptocurrencies can be much more than money?
What is the next development in smart contract applications?


The way payments are made within and beyond borders is changing dramatically every day – what is the next key opportunity for transactions?


How can banks and fintechs collaborate best in the current competitive financial environment?
How are mPOS technologies expanding merchant categories and digitising new segments of commerce?
Who will emerge victorious in the battle of mobile wallets and why?
What does the shift of money transfer and payments towards mobile mean for traditional financial service providers?

Credit and lending

Traditional lenders are at risk of disintermediation by alternative platforms. Is this the first step towards the unbundling of the bank and how well will both approaches to lending fare in this target market?


Will the market evolve towards more collaboration between alternative lenders and banks or fiercer competition?
What will the lending space look like in five years’ time?
What are the biggest changes facing the industry and how are traditional banks adapting?
Alternative lenders do not possess the economically valuable data that banks do: Could this be their downfall?


Digital delivery of services in banking is evolving at breakneck speed. Technology has upended business models and consumer attitudes. How will the big financial institutions react and which fintech players are the ones to watch?


How is banking infrastructure evolving?
Faster settlement times and enhanced payment security: How fast is too fast?
Are third-party tech firms killing the retail banking sector?
How is banking infrastructure evolving?
How will this payments landscape change over the next 24 months?


Investment in fintech companies continues to grow in parallel to the explosive growth of the financial services industry with a whole range of funding methods to pursue. How will the scene develop over the 12 months?


Are ICOs the future of funding?
As the traditional fintech leaders mature, IPO or partner with traditional banks, how can the next wave of fintech disruptors make their mark in a crowded and competitive marketplace and obtain the required funding to compete?
What is the next space to boom like insurtech has the past 12 months? Will it be regtech?

The event was packed with hundreds of tech startups eager to raise their profile
The Economist

The optimism at the RISE technology conference here in Hong Kong is palpable

Everywhere you go it’s buzzing and it’s electric

Discover RISE's 13 conferences