JULY 9-12, 2018

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All Rise for our 4 stages

Anna O'Hare
Published on May 18, 2015

In its first year, Rise already has a massive programme spanning 4 stages sign up now and be part of it

Rise is more than 6 months away but already the pulse is racing as we slowly uncover each new piece of our first event in Asia.

We’ve revealed our first speakers, and our first batch of tickets will get snapped up all over the world this week.

Now it’s time to talk about the format of the event, and unveil our first 4 stages: Centre Stage, Builders Stage, Enterprise Stage and Machine Stage.

All bring an exciting edge to the different industries they relate to, with our Centre Stage bringing together some of the most recognisable names in tech for some fascinating discussion, interviews and talks. Here’s a little bit more on each one:

Centre Stage

Who’ve we featured before? Elon Musk, Padmasree Warrior, Tony Hawk, Eva Longoria, Bono, Peter Thiel, Tony Hseih and Drew Houston

In 25 words or less the Centre Stage is… where you’ll see household names from the tech world and beyond inspire and educate the Rise masses

Builders Stage

Who’ve we featured before? Werner Vogels (Amazon, CTO), Anna Patterson (Google, VP of Engineering), Zach Sims (Codecademy, Founder)

In 25 words or less the Builders Stage is… a dedicated stage for technology creators, software developers, and web designers to share their ideas with new generations

Enterprise Stage

Who’ve we featured before? Drew Houston (Dropbox, Founder + CEO), John Engates (Rackspace, CTO), Justin Rosenstein (Asana, Co-Founder)

In 25 words or less the Enterprise Stage is… a gathering of the best Founders and CEOs with the tips startups need to know

Machine Stage

Who’ve we featured before? Liam Casey (PCH, CEO), Alex Hawkinson (SmartThings, CEO + Founder), Ayah Bdeir (littleBits, Founder + CEO) In 25 words or less the Machine Stage is… an opportunity to learn about the IoT revolution that is redefining how we interact with everyday products using the internet