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Big data and connecting the digital and physical: 4 RISE startups

Dylan Kelly
Published on October 16, 2015

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Although it was only three months ago since RISE we’re already planning for RISE 2016. We’re getting ready for our next ticket sale for the event where you’ll be able to get two tickets for the price of one. For a taste of the kind of startups who join us at RISE, take a look at these four. These guys joined our START programme – the place where we showcase the world’s highest-potential startups – this July at RISE. Let’s see what they’re about…



SiSense help to simplify business analytics for complex data, allowing users to analyse and visualise growing data sets from a range of structured and unstructured data sources.

This Israeli startup has raised $50 million funding and are trying to bring the personal touch to big data:

“It’s about Eureka moments. There are many companies selling out-of-the-box sales optimisation algorithms. But this is for executives who know their business and want to play with the data,” explains CEO Amir Orad.

Branch Metrics

szxc We couldn’t be happier to have Branch Metrics as one of our ‘regulars’. They exhibited at RISE this July and our US conference Collision this May. They were rated as one of the ten fastest-growing startups at Collision. They’re a deep linking startup integrated by thousands of amazing partners like Ebay, Tripadvisor, Microsoft, and Instacart. Now valued at $75 million, Branch are now joining START at Web Summit next month.


Tamoco connect physical media with the digital world – they’re a leader in mobile proximity technology and analytics. Using NFC, Wi-FI and Bluetooth, Tamoco provide a range of location-based marketing services. They’ve raised $5 million in funding and have bases in London, the UK and Denmark.


WeSmart help businesses become both more efficient and more eco-friendly.

Based in Taipei and Shanghai, this startup uses data to help companies analyse and control their air quality and energy usage.

They already count Carrefour, Peugeot and Decathlon as clients.

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