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The charge against clutter and Facebook’s next billion: It’s RISE Day Two highlights

Dylan Kelly
Published on June 1, 2016
RISE Day Two has wrapped. It had plenty to live up to after yesterday’s opener, but didn’t disappoint. Check out our Day Two highlights, including big names from Facebook and Twitter, the Indian Marvel, and one of Time’s most influential.

The joy of organisation


Marie is an organisational consultant who is leading the charge against clutter – she was named as one of Time Magazine’s 100 most influential in 2015. She gave a Centre Stage talk on how to cut all that’s unnecessary from your life and how organisation can make you happy.

Franchise tag on me


Holly Liu founded mobile gaming company Kabam in 2006 and has helped lead the company to $400 million in revenue and unicorn status. As mobile gaming looks to redefine its core model, Holly chatted about the move to a franchise-based system.

I feel a billion is in the air


Facebook building for its next billion users and looking at building services to reach the next wave of people coming online. Director of Global Product Partnerships Ime Archibong told Centre Stage how.

Pole position in Indonesia 

26782071573_2013b95be1_o After a $500 million investment and launch late last year, Mataharimall are in prime position to capitalise on the potential of Indonesian e-commerce. CEO Hadi Wenas told us why.

Onto the next one


Twitter has conquered the west and become a leading social media player in most of its major territories. Will they be able to do the same in Asia? VP Asia Pacific & Middle East North Africa Rishi Jaitly talked it out on Centre Stage.

We grabbed him afterwards to find out his favourite hashtag…

CNBC’s RISE highlights 

CNBC are on the ground throughout RISE, looking for that next big tech story. Here’s a selection of their interviews today.

The Indian Marvel


Graphic India’s Sharad Devarajan shares his mission is to create a superhero character that is culturally Indian but globally relevant. See his CNBC interview here.

People power


Any good Chinese startup will see dozens of copycats spring up, so ZhenFund’s Anna Fang only backs a startup with a strong founder. Watch CNBC talk it over with Anna here.

Lightweight champion of the world

27298572021_238f624745_o Zero Zero Robotics’ MQ Wang shared the features of the Hover Camera, a lightweight drone which provides eight minutes of air time with a full charge. Catch his interview with CNBC here.