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Dylan Kelly
Published on May 17, 2016

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Next month, we’re welcoming thousands of attendees to Hong Kong for RISE. Introductions will be made and networks will be formed, all using the RISE app. The app isn’t only your ticket into RISE – it’s also a personalised recommender system, which helps us match you with the people you should meet and the talks you should attend. RISEBLOG-1The RISE App is your ticket to Web Summit Our attendee list and startup search is live within the app, so you’re able to check out every startup exhibiting at RISE before the event kicks off. You can also search for and connect with the people you’re interested in meeting before and during the event using our chat function, which allows you to set up your meetings with potential investors, startups and more. RISEBLOG-2Use the app to check the schedule and to connect and chat with fellow attendees Use the app to stay up to date with what’s going on throughout RISE using the Schedule feature. You can even personalise your agenda based on your own interests to make sure you get the most out of the three days and four nights you’ll spend in Hong Kong. Finally, we’ve also partnered with local company Gormei to get the lowdown on the best restaurants to visit and get great dinner and drinks deals. Here you’ll also find all the information you need about our Night Summit and Pub Crawls. Check out Gormei on the app by clicking the ‘More Info’ button in the bottom right hand corner. Our favourite bit? Everything will be updated in real-time, right in your pocket on the app.

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