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International Women’s Day

Anna O'Hare
Published on March 8, 2016
Today is International Women’s Day. When the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women are in the spotlight. As our friends at ONE say: this day should be about advancing girls and women everywhere. Progress is slow. According to the World Economic Forum, the annual pay for women only now equals the amount men were earning ten years ago. At its current pace, the world will not close the global gender gap for another 117 years. Last year ONE released its first “Poverty is Sexist” report, aiming to put girls and women at the heart of key policies and decisions. Female participation in the tech sector continues to be a significant issue. As part of our “Commitment to Change” initiative, we’re inviting 10,000 extraordinary female entrepreneurs as our guests to our events in 2016. We hope that this will, in some small way, contribute to evening up the gender ratio in the industry.  Many hundreds of female entrepreneurs have signed up for RISE, our event in Hong Kong and today we’re excited to announce three incredible speakers who will be headlining.

Jenny Lee – Managing Partner – GGV Capital

jennyleeggvcapital Jenny has been instrumental in setting up GGV’s presence in China. She has led investments in a number of companies which have become huge, including Xiaomi A self-professed geek and product investor, Jenny has been recognised by Forbes for four consecutive years in the Global Top 100 VC Midas list and most recently in 2015, as the top female venture capitalist. Jenny is #10 on the 2015 Midas list, the first time a woman has broken the top 10 and also ranks in the 2015 Forbes’ Power Women list.

Anna Fang – Partner & CEO – ZhenFund

anna2 As Partner and CEO at ZhenFund, Anna oversees investments in one of Asia’s largest investment firms. In 2014 she was named one of the top 40 Under 40 Investors by China’s Entrepreneur Magazine. One of her most exciting investments is Hyperloop.

Peggy Johnson – Executive Vice President – Microsoft

peggyjohnson Peggy is the person in charge of making deals for one of the world’s biggest companies.  She’s currently Executive Vice President of Business Development at Microsoft, where she works closely with the venture capital and startup communities, mobile operators, third-party publishers and industry influencers. Help accelerate this change by sending a free ticket to RISE to an incredible woman entrepreneur of your choice. Nominate yourself or another female entrepreneur here. It takes less than a minute. For more information about ONE’s campaigning work and how to support their fight for gender equality, please visit here.