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The founder of about.me, Nicolas Brusson and Yuanyuan Li added to RISE lineup

Anna O'Hare
Published on December 9, 2015

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We’ll be heading to Hong Kong in five months to hear from some wonderful speakers at RISE. Here are three I’m especially looking forward to meeting.

Tony Conrad – Founder – About.me

Tony Conrad is the founder and CEO of about.me. He’s a Partner at True Ventures, where he works with some amazingly talented founders from companies like WordPress, MakerBot, HighFidelity, Typekit and Blue Bottle Coffee. He’s a personal investor in the likes of Slack and does heaps more cool things like sitting on the board of the Tony Hawk Foundation. tony

Nicolas Brusson – Founder – BlaBlaCar

Nicolas is co-founder & COO of BlaBlaCar, the world’s leading ridesharing community that connects drivers with empty seats and people traveling the same way, so they can share their cost. Naturally pragmatic, he uses fast iteration to uncover high-growth opportunities. Today, with more than 20 million members worldwide and several millions people transported per month, BlaBlaCar is making road travel social, money-saving and more sustainable. blablacar

Yuanyuan Li – Founder – Mobvoi

Mobvoi is the tech startup of an ex-Googler. Its Series C was funded by Sequoia Capital, Zhenfund and most interestingly- Google. Google’s services aren’t available in China, but that isn’t stopping it from making this investment in a startup based there. Mobvoi focuses on Intelligent Mobile Voice Search. Yuanyuan met co-founder Zhifei while both were studying near Washington, D.C., and she’s run the business side of the company since returning to Shanghai in 2012. See these speakers along with many others at RISE in May. Sign up for a 2 for 1 discount code.