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From Freewheel to Freelancer: It’s the Headliner Series

Anna O'Hare
Published on May 20, 2016

Be inspired by the people making waves in tech. RSVP for tickets.

Our Headliner Series are special talks happening as part of RISE but for a more intimate audience. RISE attendees are welcome to attend but you must RSVP to reserve your spot. Hear from Kabam’s Holly Liu on leadership, Freewheel’s Diane Yu on the ad tech industry and Freelancer’s Matt Barrie on finding a winning startup idea.

Holly Liu – Co-founder – Kabam

Holly is Co-founder of Kabam, the company who’ve spotted that the future of entertainment is gaming. And the future of gaming? It’s online of course. Join Holly who will be taking to the stage to tell us how she drives the company’s vision through her leadership. RSVP for Holly’s talk.

Diane Yu – CTO – Freewheel

diane-headliner Diane Yu is the CTO of Freewheel, a company that specialises in helping video creators monitise their content. Despite the naysayers, Diane knows media is not dead. It’s just changing. She’ll be telling us how there’s still money to be made in the media industry. RSVP for Diane’s talk.

Matt Barrie – CEO – Freelancer

headliner-matt Matt Barrie is the CEO of Freelancer, the huge community of freelancers – in fact there’s nearly 20 million registered users. Since it launched in 2009 there have been millions of jobs posted on the site and for many it’s become a vital part of their career. Matt will be teaching how to spot the difference between a startup ideas that should be scrapped and the ones that are worth billions. RSVP for Matt’s talk. Learn from Diane Yu and Matt Barrie as part of the Headliner Series, open to RISE attendees. Don’t forget to RSVP.