Dylan Kelly
Published on May 12, 2016

Be inspired. Be a part of something great. Volunteer at RISE.

We’re hitting Hong Kong on May 31-June 2 for RISE, a gathering of world-leading tech companies, influential founders and CEOs and exciting startups. It’s going to be great, and we want you to be a part of it. You can contribute to what’s going to be an incredible conference by volunteering to work with us. The RISE Volunteer Programme is a great opportunity to gain work experience, be a part of our impressive networking environment and attend one of our global events for free. Our Volunteer Team is now seeking the best and brightest minds with a passion for technology, startups and events. Volunteers will help our RISE team over all areas of the event including our Operations, Registration, Stages, Social Media Live Teams and many more. Here’s all the information you need about volunteering at RISE: For an idea of what volunteering at RISE is like, take a look at what one of our previous volunteers has said. Cian volunteered on our social media team at our European event Web Summit in 2015:  “My experience volunteering at the Web Summit over the past few years as part of the live team has been nothing but exceptional. The team, speakers, and staff I’ve met and connected with all happened because of the Web Summit. “I find people grow through the experience of meeting like-minded and inspiring people. This is something you cannot create, but have to undergo. This is how the future generation of entrepreneurs are built.” <p Marina is one of our long-time Web Summit volunteers – she was struck by Web Summit’s “buzz”: “As a member of the Live team, you get to share your Web Summit experience with the world. Whether it be through tweets, Instagram pics or Facebook posts we are documenting the many aspects of the conference for all. “Being at the events is such a buzz and getting to be part of the Live team makes it even better.” Help us build something incredible at RISE. Apply to volunteer.