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Let’s Kick Off – Our First 6 Rise Speakers

Dylan Kelly
Published on January 26, 2015

We’re coming to Hong Kong. Want to be a part of it

From a dream, to what is now most certainly a reality – for the last number of years the Web Summit team have always talked about how great it would be to launch an event in Asia, now it’s happening. Rise is going to be the first of many great events in this part of the world,where the biggest companies in Technology from the East meet the biggest companies in technology from the US and Europe.

Today it’s an honour to announce our first 6 speakers for Rise – from Founders, to CEO’s, from Journalists to Investors – let’s check out who will be joining us:


Kara Swisher – Re/code, Co-Executive Editor

Kara Swisher started covering digital issues for the Wall Street Journal’s San Francisco bureau in 1997. Her column, “BoomTown, originally appeared on the front page of the Marketplace section and also online at Previously, Kara covered breaking news about the Web’s major players and Internet policy issues, as one of its first hires to cover the Web, and also wrote feature articles on technology for the newspaper. She has also written a weekly column for the Personal Journal on home gadget issues called Home Economics. Kara Swisher 1  

Ray Chan – 9GAG, Co-Founder

Who is Ray Chan? Let this article How Ray Chan started 9GAG, and a career in fun show you how a fun project on the side, turned into one of the world’s most popular user-generated sites. 2 Billion Page Views in 30 Days, 80 million unique visitors – Ray & 9GAG have created a platform that is universally popular, expertly run and showing no signs of slowing down. Ray Chan

Jenny Lawton – Makerbot, CEO

Makerbot CEO since September 2014, Jenny leads on product development, strategy & retail for the company which is setting standards in reliable desktop 3D printing. Prior to Makerbot Jenny owned bookstores, as well as the Arcadia Cafe, while also serving as COO for Rockin’ Water and RAM Scientific. Jenny Lawton 21

Gunso Kim – Seoul Metropolitan Government, Deputy Mayor

With a background in Big Data  Dr. Gunso Kim is Assistant Mayor for Information Technology and CIO (Chief Information Officer) of Seoul Metropolitan City – in his role he uses his expertise to plan big data-based services for city administration and sustainability. Gunso Kim

Bobby Lee – BTC, CEO

Bobby is the CEO of BTC China, a three year old exchange which he purchased in 2013. Following his purchase, Bobby led an expansion in market share that coincided with rising Bitcoin prices in the fourth quarter of the year. December 2013 saw BTC China leading the world’s Bitcoin exchanges in volume. From Walmart To Bitcoin: The CEO Behind The Chinese Exchange Sending BTC To New Highs   Bobby Lee 12

Harry Hui – ClearVue Partners, Founding Partner

Harry’s main attention now is his role as a Founding Managing Partner of ClearVue Partners, but prior to ClearVue was just as interesting for him.Harry was Chief Marketing Officer of Pepsico Greater China . Brands under his management included Pepsi Cola, Gatorade, Tropicana, Dole, 7UP, Mirinda, Starbucks, and Lipton tea. Harry was also VP of corporate relations for the Pepsico Investment Co. Ltd, where he was responsible for identifying investment and partnership opportunities for the company. Harry Hui   Join us!