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LINE them up – Four Things Not to Miss

Anna O'Hare
Published on July 30, 2015

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Hope you all had a delicious lunch! We’re very much looking forward to this afternoon. Here are four talks we’re definitely not going to miss.


Selling local to a global audience

Melissa Yang of Tujia
China’s millions of vacant apartments¬†gave rise to Tujia. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Melissa pointed out that the company’s online-to-offline business model sets it apart from competitor Airbnb. At RISE she’ll be discussing just how Tujia sell the local property market to a global audience. 1:50pm, Centre Stage. tujia

LINE them up: replicating success across borders

Takeshi Idezawa
LINE is¬†looking at world dominance pretty quickly, and it could be over the next 12 months. LINE says it has 205 million MAUs. The app is¬†widely used in Japan as a way for friends to stay in touch and is the fastest growing mobile messenger platform around. Takeshi is looking to build on the company‚Äôs popularity to take on competitors like Facebook‚Äôs WhatsApp.¬†Tune in to hear about LINE’s expansion outside of Japan. 2:30pm, Centre Stage.¬† line corp


New industrial revolution: What it is, When it starts, Why it happens

Jane Zavalishina of Yandex
Big data insights are transforming the entire financial services sector and giving power to internet technologies like never before.¬†Some of the most exciting work being done today involves taking data insights to the next level using machine learning. Jane will investigate how this works in practice and who the are practitioners driving this innovation.¬†As head of Yandex Data Factory, Jane’s responsible for finding new ways to utilise the company‚Äôs data processing technologies and capabilities outside their core applications and markets. 3pm, Enterprise Stage. jane

Architecting for UX

Josh Holmes of Microsoft 
Josh describes himself as a passionate soul who gets his kicks solving problems with deep fried awesomeness. He’s currently an Architect Evangelist at¬†Microsoft and has worked with other large Fortune 500 companies previously.¬†From this Microsoft Ventures’ CTO in residence, we will learn how to create the best UX possible. 3pm, Builders Stage. josh We’ll see you tonight at RISE Night Summit!