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Meet the RISE startups that have raised $143 million in less than one year

Anna O'Hare
Published on April 19, 2016

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RISE may have only launched last year, but we already have a long list of alumni that are doing amazing things. They have the backing to prove it, with $143 million in funding between them. All of the below 19 startups all exhibited with us at RISE in 2015. Customer 360 was acquired by Interactive Intelligence and others raised millions in funding.


Prenetics is a Hong Kong-based company who are bringing DNA testing tech that can help save lives, to doctors in Asia. Investors have seen the potential to disrupt the healthcare industry with this product, and so the startup has secured $10,000,000 in their Series A. Prenetics were not only exhibitors at RISE last year, they were also PITCH finalists. Check out our interview with their CEO Danny Yeung where he shares some tips for future PITCH competitors.


Sisense raised the most out of our RISE class of 2015 so far, with a massive Series D of $50,000,000. Their business intelligence software helps eBay, Motorola, SanDisk and other big companies analyse huge and complex data sets.


Jugnoo is the Uber of rickshaws, with 2.6 million registered users across India. They’ve raised a huge $10,000,000 in their Series B round to help Indians get from place to place. As Uber and Ola dabble with the idea of on-demand rickshaws, Jugnoo are confident that they are in the best position to serve the huge market by focusing solely on rickshaws, rather than cabs. It’s also expanding beyond India, and now has operations in the Philippines. Customer360 – Acquired BranchMetrics – $35,000,000 Qraved – $8,000,000 Eyeota – $7,000,000 AasaanJobs – $5,000,000 Klook – $5,000,000 PicMix – $3,000,000 NanoLeaf – $2,900,000 CallFixie – $2,000,000 Lamplight Analytics – $1,500,000 MysteryVibe – $1,200,000 FloShip – $1,200,000 SoundBrenner – $500,000 Shopilist – $250,000 Omate – $200,000 Phind – $750,000 Where will RISE take your startup? Apply for ALPHA.