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Meet the 100 Hong Kong Startups Exhibiting at RISE

Anna O'Hare
Published on July 28, 2015

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Most of our team have now landed in Hong Kong for RISE. It all kicked off last night with a fireside chat between Casey Lau and Paddy Cosgrave at the Blueprint offices. There’s plenty more to come this week in the run up to RISE. We now have 100 startups from Hong Kong itself exhibiting at the event. We’ve profiled a few of them. The rest you’ll just have to meet for yourselves around the HKCEC venue!


Coachbase are a Nike+ accelerator company powered by Techstars. Their app has been the no.1 paid sports app across 3 platforms: iOS, Android and Mac. CEO Keith Rumjahn has worked as a software developer and coached a U14 basketball team in Toronto. When the iPhone came out, he programmed the first version of the app himself. Coachbase’s goal is to empower greatness in coaching by giving the tools and resources to coaches so they can focus on what’s most important: developing their players into leaders.


Notey is a topic-focused blog platform that have raised $1.6 million recently. The service itself is akin to an RSS reader at first glance, but with an emphasis on discovery and curation, and a very cool design. Blogs are an immensely popular medium but they exist independent of social networks. Their ecosystem lacks a structure amenable to easily search. That’s what Notey aims to solve. It aims to bring the best of the blogosphere in a super-simple platform.


Nothing delights OneSky more than helping an app pick up a new language. They’re busy providing easy solutions to translate mobile apps, websites and documents to fit an agile development cycle. Some of their best-known clients include Scribd and QuizUp. Android and iOS developers are provided with an SDK that they can plug into their app with four or five lines of code, which allows them to take screenshots and tag all phrases they need translated. These guys monetise by charging about 10 to 13 cents per word. onesky1 MORE HK STARTUPS: Witti Auluxa Automation Momentumlabs Remailder TAG Smart Devices Nixplay Bespokify Simple Wearables Digital Endpoint Made In Sense Soundbrenner Hong Kong Gameport Muve Ambi Labs Animae Technologies BlueAnatomy Gaifong Shosha The Typewriter Tab Wee Invite W HUB StoryAppy Phrenzi Ungert Design OneSky Storeganise Venture Sam the Local EventXtra Dragon Law Spot Hiring Screen demand&supply Introtainer SnakeHead OurCam HotelQuickly Kare Angels actiMirror VOC Organization Fansprint Bhiner Technologies Notey Shotly Edecor Swapit Lamplight Analytics CatchTop Goxip Cellarmaster Wines LUMDOO 168 Estate Appus Technology VenueHub HK Grow Customer TAPevents Hirely Runnur Logistics KEY2CELL HOLDINGS PRESSIE Touch Interactive Power Floship Tutorspotter Votee Seed Alpha Monexo Innovations Hosbby Ezee Systems SPHERE CORPORATION Jaha Prenetics Langauge Services International SPIN-R Bitspark Limited GoGo Fit Lattice Asman Project FeedMe Guru Hippomap Weestay nanoleaf ETEAQ Triklo Coachbase CertiEye Klook Travel Gormei The Graduate IOIO Hidden Truffles cherrypicks alpha Amazing France Reclick Skilltemp Openport Jaarvis Labs PAKT Spa Monkeys Shopline