JULY 8-11, 2019

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Night Summit at RISE. Join us.

Maeve McQuillan
Published on June 28, 2017

At Night Summit you’ll have the chance to meet speakers, investors, media and other attendees over a drink in some of Hong Kong’s liveliest bars and restaurants. Sometimes special things happen. Just ask Co-Founder of Sherpa Capital, Scott Stanford, and Uber.

Here’s what we have planned.

Monday, July 10 – Staunton Street

RISE kicks off at 6:30pm with our legendary Pub Crawls, as we take groups of attendees on a tour of Hong Kong’s Soho Area, beginning at Soho Corner and Staunton’s Wine Bar, and ending in Staunton Street for our first Night Summit of RISE 2017 at 8:00pm.

Join us at the following venues and enjoy their Happy Hour deals:

–  Stazione Novella  
– McGauchos Bar 
– Little Lab 
– Quench Bar 
– Bar. 42 
– Bocadito 
– Flaming Frango
– Varga Lounge 
– Soho Corner 
– Chom Chom
– 65 Peel 
– Awtar Shisha Lounge 
– Brooklyn Bar and Grill 
– Club 1911 
– Staunton’s Wine Bar 
– Lotus 

And if pubs and bars aren’t your scene, not to worry – join one of our Cultural Crawls from 6:30pm, which will tour art galleries and other cultural hotspots.

 Tuesday, July 11 – Wyndham Street

When Day One of RISE nears a close, we’re heading to Halcyon on Wyndham Street for 8:00pm for mini tours with RISE attendees.

We will be hitting eight bars in total including:

– Ori-Gin Bar | Attendee Special.
– Prince Street Station | Attendee Special.
– Halcyon | 20% off all beverages. 
– Bungalow | Happy Hour deal, 50% off standard beverages.
– Wagyu | Attendee Special.
– Tonic | 50% off selected drinks.
– Mokum | Attendee Special.
– Club 55 Tivo | Attendee Special.
– Tazmania Ballroom | 30% off standard drinks, 20% off on bottle service and one round of complimentary mixer, free entry for 1 with badge or wristband

Start RISE like you mean to go on – it’ll be big.

 Wednesday, July 12 – Lan Kwai Fong

For our third Night Summit party we hit up Hong Kong’s entertainment district, Lan Kwai Fong, beginning at Ciao Chow at 8pm.

Join us for a night to remember in:

–  Jinjuu 
– Employees Only | Attendee Special.
– Insomnia | Attendee Special.
– IQ Bar | Attendee Special.
– Rula Bula |  20% off all beverages. 
– Marlin | 50% off selected beverages.
– Fefela II | Buy one, get one free.
– Fire N Ice | Buy one, get one free.
– Ciao Chow | Buy one beer, get one beer free.
– Schnurrbart | Buy one, get one free.
– Stormies  | 50% off main course and beverages.
The Keg | 50% off selected beverages.
– Wolf Market | Attendee Special.

 Thursday, July 13 – Closing Party – Jinjuu

Close out three amazing days at RISE with an amazing party at Jinjuu from 5pm, where you can enjoy their Happy Hour offer until 7pm.

You can sleep later.

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