Office Hours at RISE: When startups meet some of the world’s most influential investors

Office Hours at RISE: When startups meet some of the world’s most influential investors

April 21, 2016 by Emer Henderson

Join the world’s most promising startups at RISE. Apply to our ALPHA programme.

RISE is bringing together the most influential brands, leading investors and most promising startups from across the globe in Hong Kong on May 31-June 2.

Exhibiting startups will have the chance to take part in our Office Hours scheme, a series of prescheduled meetings between our startups and investors.

These 15-minute meetings are designed to forge relationships between the two groups. We hope that some valuable connections will be made.

Our data science team will be matching together some of our attending startups and investors we think make a good fit. There’ll be a total of 720 startup-investor meetings happening over the course of the three days of RISE.

Take a look at some of the investors who’ll be taking part – how would you use your time? Apply to attend as part of our ALPHA programme and get planning.

Dave McClure – Founding Partner – 500 Startups


Dave leads one of the world’s leading accelerators, 500 Startups. Established in 2010, 500 Startups has invested $100 million over the course of 1,000 investments, holds $170 million in assets, and has produced two unicorns.

Dave’s most successful investments include the now-unicorn Credit Karma and Twilio, now valued at over $100 million.

John Lindfors – Managing Partner – DST Global

John delivers a keynote at Startup Sauna in Helsinki

Having led Goldman Sachs’ European Technology and Media investment banking department from 2005, John joined Digital Sky Technologies (DST) in 2010. He’s Managing Partner at the firm’s Hong Kong Base.

DST is a growth-stage fund whose major investments include Facebook, Alibaba Group,, Xiaomi, Flipkart, Spotify, AirBnB and Lending Club.

Jenny Lee – Managing Partner – GGV Capital


Jenny has consistently been recognised by Forbes as one of the world’s top 100 investors, placing in their Midas List for the last five years. In 2015 she became the first woman to break the top 10.

Managing Partner at GGV, Jenny was instrumental in establishing the firm’s presence in Asia.

Harry Man – Partner – Matrix Partners China


Harry has been investing in China since 2000 and has led investments in Editgrid and UMeng, which were sold to Apple and Alibaba group, respectively. He specialises in the internet, wireless and digital media industries in China and Asia Pacific.

In 2008 he joined Matrix Partners China and has 15 years’ experience investing in early-stage internet and mobile companies in China.

Anna Fang – Partner & CEO – ZhenFund


Anna Fang sits at the nexus of arguably one of the most important areas of growth on the planet. She’s CEO of ZhenFund.

Since joining ZhenFund in 2011, Anna has managed over 100 seed-stage investments in the TMT and education sectors.

Check out who else you have a chance of meeting during RISE office hours.

Peng T. Ong – Managing Director – Monk’s Hill Ventures
Cindy Chow – Executive Director – Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund
Yat Siu – Founder & CEO – Outblaze
Hans Tung – Managing Partner – GGV Capital
Plern Tee Suraphongchai – Partner – Venturra Capital
David Chao – Co-Founder and General Partner – DCM
Kelly Poon – Partner – Atomico
Harry Hui – Founding Partner – Clearvue Partners
Jing Ulrich – MD and Vice Chairman of Asia Pacific – J.P. Morgan Chase
Dusan Stojanovic – Founder and Director – True Global Ventures
Xing Liu – Partner – Sequoia Capital
Melissa Guzy – Managing Partner – Arbor Partners
Wai Hoong Fock – Head of Southeast Asia – General Atlantic
Vinnie Lauria – Founding Partner – Golden Gate Ventures
Alokik Advani – Managing Director – Goldman Sachs
Max Kinoshita – Managing Partner – Skyland Ventures
Thakorn Piyapan – Head of Digital Banking and Innovation – Krungsri Bank
Lisa Barnett – Partner – Sherpa Foundry
Grace Yun Xia – Senior Director – Tencent
Adrian Vanzyl – CEO – Ardent Capital
Andrew Choi – Investment Professional – TA Associates
Kartik Prabhakara – Technology Investment Banker – CODE Advisors
David Zhang – Managing Partner – Matrix Partners
James Riney – Partner – 500 Startups
Elva Lee – Vice President – Vectr Ventures
Daisy Cai – China Director – TA Associates
Elizabeth Galbut – Founding Partner – SoGal Ventures
Albert Shyy – Principal – GREE Ventures
Harini Janakiraman – Associate – Blackrock
David Gowdey – Managing Partner – Jungle Ventures
Melissa Heng – Senior Associate – General Atlantic
Reilly Flynn – Head of Investments – Global Accelerator Network
Benjamin Levy – Co-founder – BootstrapLabs
Jiang Darren – Regional Director – DiDi Kuaidi
Melvin Chen – Managing Partner – StarLake Capital
Jose Ramon Gutierrez – Executive Director – J.P. Morgan
Zach Piester – Managing Partner – Silver Creek Partners
Marcos Siqueira – Executive Director – Morgan Stanley
Christine Aum – Senior Associate – SparkLabs Global Ventures
Teal Willingham – Director –
Markus Gnirck – Partner – Tryb Capital
Stefan Bruun – Managing Partner – Nova Founders
Richard Paddock – Head of Technology – Fidelity Investment
Zheng Cui – Vice President – Deutsche Bank
Jon-Tzen Ng – Digital & Programme Management – Standard Chartered Bank

Bring your startup to RISE. Apply to ALPHA.

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