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Over 5,000 attendees from 72 countries make their way to RISE

Anna O'Hare
Published on July 31, 2015

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5,000 Attendees from 72 Countries

140 speakers. 300 investors. 225 media. 525 startups.

The RISE story in numbers.

RISE, our first event in Asia is under way. Once again, we see ourselves in new territory. We thought we would set up a small event for a few hundred people in Hong Kong – a bit like our first Web Summit five years ago. Astoundingly, RISE is welcoming over 5,000 attendees, making it our fastest growing conference to date. These attendees are making their way to Hong Kong from over 70 different countries around the world. Check out the worldview of our attendees below. The stronger red colours represent more people from that area attending, whereas yellow represents less. sh
140 world-class speakers
There will be more than 140 speakers across 6 stages over two days; Centre Stage, Enterprise Stage, Builders Stage, Marketing Stage, Machine Stage & PITCH Stage which will also host Breakthrough HK on Saturday.
300 leading tech investors
We have 300 investors attending. 17 will speak at the event, 25 will judge competitions. 30 leading funds will host office hours to help them to meet as many startups as possible over their time at RISE. This will add up to 300 investor <> startup meetings, all on day one. Look out for the blue investor wristbands!
250 of the world’s most influential media
The media have been clamouring for passes for RISE. Almost every major international and local outlet is represented and many are sending multiple reporters. We’re talking the likes of CNBC, The Financial Times, Bloomberg, WSJ, SCMP, BBC, Reuters and CNN. The list goes on.
525 startups from around the world
525 startups are exhibiting at RISE. 40 of these are part of START; a global gathering of the highest potential and most disruptive startups from around the world. Many of those who’ve been part of START at previous events have gone on to change industries – Stripe, Nest, Uber, Vine to name but a few. Check out the chosen ones here. They’re building some really cool things, from nice– touted “China’s Instagram”, to Jugnoo who are on a mission to make it easy to hail rickshaws on smartphones. Each week over the last few months we have selected 25 early stage startups from around the world to exhibit as part of our ALPHA. Check some out here to get a taste for what to expect. 40 companies are taking part in our in PITCH competition. They have all received under $3 million in funding to date. Check out the finalists who made the shortlist.
Here are the top 20 countries where attendees are joining us from…
China (including Hong Kong SAR China) Singapore India United States Philippines Malaysia Taiwan Australia Japan Indonesia Thailand United Kingdom South Korea Germany United Arab Emirates Canada Ireland France Vietnam Belgium Thanks to all for making the journey. Let’s make it an amazing couple of days.