Need to know: How to register at RISE

Need to know: How to register at RISE

May 17, 2016 by Emer Henderson

To register for RISE you must download the RISEConf app.

RISE is only two weeks away and we’re all very excited for what will be three days of legendary networking in Hong Kong. Here’s all the info you need to register when you land in the city.


We strongly advise that you complete your registration as early as possible to avoid the queues that will start forming on Tuesday morning. With pre-registration, you can register before RISE starts.

Here are the pre-registration times and venue for all attendee types: General Attendees (this includes Open Source Coder) Women in Tech, ALPHA, BETA, START, Investors, Partners, Speakers, Media, Premium and Platinum.

  • Registration during RISE

    From Tuesday May 31, event registration is open to all attendees at the following times.

    How do I use the app to register?

    To register for RISE you must download the RISE app.

    Download the app by simply searching for “RISEConf” on the Google Play Store or the App Store.

    Once the app is downloaded, bring your phone to registration with your photo ID. You will need to use your unique QR code to register, which can be found on the app. Just follow the pictures below.


    Checklist for registration

    • Sign into the app and open the registration page.
    • Be sure to bring a valid photo ID.

    Please remember that credit cards or business cards are not accepted as a form of ID. Acceptable forms of photo ID include: passport, HKID.

    Everyone entering the venue must have a valid ticket or appropriate accreditation before they can enter the conference.

    Contact information

    If you are having registration difficulties, please contact

    Remember you must download our app for access to RISEConf.

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