RISE Exhibiting Take 2

RISE Exhibiting Take 2

July 16, 2015 by Anna O'Hare

RISE tickets increase in price July 23

RISE is nearly upon us. We’ve pulled some more tips for you startups. It’s important that you get the absolute best out of your exhibiting experience.

1. Know the venue

Looking for our START Startups? START exhibit together as a group. You’ll find them in the centre of the hall.

Your stand, including the custom-print backboard, will be waiting for you when you when you arrive. Leave yourself plenty of time to set up. The venue opens at 9am both days.

ALPHA startups exhibit for one day of the event in an industry-specific exhibition area. Check out the areas below:


Advertising, Content & Media



Big Data












Gaming & VR

HR & Recruitment

Lifestyle, Recreation & Wellness


Philanthropy & Social Good

Sports & Fitness


2. Do’s and Dont’s

Make the most of your time in HK. Explore the venue, attend the talks, chat to our partners, come out in the evening and grab a drink with other startups and investors. Conferences shouldn’t be just 9-5.

Do have offline versions of any presentations, demonstrations or other files you intend to use ready to go.

Do pre-arrange meetings

Do take photos, get active on social media and let people know you’re here

Do comply with our WiFi regulations. This ensures a quality of service for all

Do use your team effectively. Be everywhere! Hustle.

Don’t bring booth babes. It does not comply with our Anti-Harassment policy.

Don’t dwell on rejection.

Don’t bring pull-up banners or other large marketing items. Items seen to be too large for your stand space will be removed.

3. Collateral

Check out last week’s post for our advice on swag, your stand, the startup app and how to promote your brand. See you guys soon.

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