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The RISE schedule: Away from the stage

Dylan Kelly
Published on May 23, 2016

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You’re sure to find incredible talks from world-class speakers at RISE this month. While you can find that particular schedule here, make sure you take in as much as what’s going on at RISE as possible. Not all the action happens on the stage.

From pub crawls to workshops and everything else in between, here’s what’s happening at RISE away from the stage.

Monday, May 30

Pre-reg – Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre – 2pm-10pm

Beat the queues and register the day before RISE kicks off. Attendees can register on Concourse 3B, Level 3 in RISE’s venue.

Pub Crawls – 6pm

We’re bringing a crew of RISE attendees on a mini-tour of some of our favourite bars in Hong Kong. Bono and Elon Musk have led pub crawls at our events – who will you have a drink with?

Opening Night Summit – Wyndham Street – 7.30pm

Join the RISE network in venues like Bungalow, Ori-gin and Tivo on Wyndham Street for an opening party that will really kick RISE off in style.

tivo-riseWe’ll be hitting Tivo, along with some other venues, for Opening Night Summit

Tuesday, May 31

Registration – Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre – 8am-5pm

You’ll find the registration area on Concourse 3B, Level 3. All attendees can register here.

PITCH Group Stages – 9.15am-5pm

The battle to be named best startup at RISE commences with PITCH’s group stages. The action kicks off on PITCH’s dedicated stages.

Roundtables 10am-3pm

Our Roundtables give small groups of attendees and speakers a chance to discuss the most important issues in tech in an intimate setting.

20190657765_02a9568ec2_o Action from PITCH 2015
Mentor Hours – 10am-4pm

Mentor Hours gives RISE startups the chance to get one-on-one advice from mentors like Kabam Founder Holly Liu. These pre-arranged meetings are aimed at our early-stage startups.

Workshops – 10am-4pm

Fully curated RISE workshops targeted at specific audiences such as startups and developers.

Office Hours – 10am-5pm

A series of pre-scheduled meetings between startups and investors. Over 600 meetings will take place over the three days of RISE.

asf13 (1) Office Hours at our European event Web Summit

Community Night – Eaton House – 7pm-8pm

A special evening for the Hong Kong tech community. Come and learn from investors Anna Fang, Harry Man and Hans Tung.

Night Summit –Peel, Elgin and Staunton Street – 7.30pm-late

We’re hitting Peel Street, Elgin Street and Staunton Street and venues like Picada, De België, and 65 Peel 何蘭正 for some nighttime networking.

]Join us for a drink in De België at Night Summit

Wednesday, June 1

Registration – Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre – 8am-5pm
PITCH Semi-Finals – 10am-4.30pm

The battle to be named RISE’s best startup heats up.

Roundtables 10am-3pm
Mentor Hours – 10am-4pm
Workshops – 10am-4pm
20192083151_a721a6905c_oWhat could your startup learn at RISE Workshop?
Office Hours – 10am-5pm
Headliner Series –Metta; Vectr – 7pm-8pm

In the second of our community events, Freewheel Media CTO Diane Yu, Freelancer CEO Matt Barrie and Kabam Founder Holly Liu give inspiring talks in HK venues Metta and Vectr.

Night Summit –Peel, Elgin and Staunton Street – 7.30pm-late

Thursday, June 2

Registration – Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre – 8am-3pm
BREAKTHROUGH pitches – BREAKTHROUGH Stage – 10am; 12.15am

Two groups of ten unfunded HK startups take part in a pitching competition on the dedicated BREAKTHROUGH Stage.


Roundtables 10am-3pm
Mentor Hours – 10am-4pm
Workshops – 10am-4pm
Office Hours – 10am-5pm
PITCH Finals – 11.25am

Just three startups remain in PITCH. They fight it out on RISE Centre Stage in front of a distinguished judging panel in a bid to take the title.

19567703724_94bba8b1bd_oThe PITCH final 2015
Breathrough HK winner announced – BREAKTHROUGH Stage – 3.30pm

The winner of BREAKTHROUGH is announced.

PITCH winner announced – Centre Stage – 4pm

We have a winner.

Night Summit – Bridges Street – 7.30pm-late

We’ll be wrapping up with one final party at Oolaa. Celebrate three great days with a great party.

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20146074005_0be13dddc2_oThe RISE night events 2015 – sure you can sleep on the plane