Startups from New Zealand to Japan headed to Hong Kong

Anna O'Hare
Published on June 22, 2015

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It’s been a while since we showcased some of the startups that will exhibit at RISE. Check out another 16 that will be making their way to the Hong Kong Convention Centre at the end of July.  


  Lybrate is an online and mobile-based platform that connects patients and doctors. Patients can search by specialty or location and then book appointments with verified doctors recommended by real patients. They recently announced a $1.23 million raise. Founded in 2013, Lybrate sits among a growing number of international book-a-doctor startups, including Eastern Europe’s DocPlanner, and the UK’s Zesty. These guys have an early lead in India, ahead of New York-based ZocDoc.  


Openbucks are on a mission to open digital commerce to everyone. They want to bring ease and accessibility of paying with cash to the digital world, and let consumers make purchases without being scared of identity or financial theft. A serial entrepreneur, CEO and founder Marc Rochman began his first business at 16 years old and hasn’t stopped creating innovative ventures since. He knows what he’s doing, with over 19 years experience in the payments and plastic card industries. The OpenBucks office is in sunny San Jose, California.

Fuller is a Japanese startup that provides market survey and analytics focused on mobile apps. They’ve already raised nearly $2 million. One of their products, AppQuarium is pretty interesting – you can extend your phones battery life and improve its operating speed by keeping play fish healthy. Its objective is to take a boring task like uninstalling unused apps and turning it into a game.   fish


TradeGecko are building beautiful inventory software and connecting the global supply chain. It aims to make wholesale transactions as easy as shopping on Amazon. It was founded 3 years ago by 3 entrepreneurs from New Zealand, two brothers and their friend. Previously running businesses ranging from retail apparel to web design, this startup was born out of a frustration to efficiently manage  and track retail inventory and warehouse administration.


Notey is a topic-focused blog platform that have raised $1.6 million recently. A Hong Kong-based startup, the service itself is akin to an RSS reader at first glance, but with an emphasis on discovery and curation, and a very cool design. Blogs are an immensely popular medium but they exist independent of social networks. Their ecosystem lacks a structure amenable to easily search. That’s what Notey aims to solve. It aims to bring the best of the blogosphere in a super-simple platform.   not


Shakr makes it drag-and-drop simple for small businesses and individuals to create professional-quality videos using photos and video clips. They’re a Seoul and San Francisco-based startup that are reimagining everything to video. They’ve raised nearly $4 million in funding to date.


Shopline is a service that allows non-tech-savvy merchants in Asia to launch self-branded, web and mobile online shops in minutes. The mobile focus of the platform means the process can be done using only a smartphone. The service is free and comes complete with marketing tools. Very handy. This Hong Kong-based startup took part in 500 Startups’ US-based accelerator program and have raised $1.2 Million so far.   ff


Macy’s, Liverpool FC, the NBA, the NFL, GoUSA. What do these powerhouse brands all have in common? They all turn to the same tool for Chinese social media management: KAWO. The guys at KAWO are finding out more and more as Western brands take aim at breaking into the world’s biggest market is that managing teams across borders, while trying to uphold a consistent message and authentic identity using tools, like Excel and Email, is like using MySpace to keep in touch with your friends. They set out to build a product that could easily allow your brand’s original content to flow seamlessly from the West to the East. KAWO are based in Shanghai.

Owlstand is an online exhibition and art trading platform providing high quality viewing experience to its audience. The platform aims to make exhibitions accessible to people around the world, to reveal the beauty of classic and contemporary art and to provide an opportunity for artists, galleries and organisations to promote themselves and trade with a global audience. Founded in 2015, the startup is located in the heart of London. Some more startups attending: