Shooting for the Stars: Meet the startups joining START at RISE

Dylan Kelly
Published on May 27, 2016
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Our Startups Manager Paddy Griffith is hitting RISE later this month. In this post he tells us what he’s looking forward to most about the event and takes us through the START companies attending. This is going to be the second RISE conference I’ve attended, having worked on the inaugural event last year. I can’t get over the quality of startups coming to this year’s event, and look forward to catching up with some old friends as well as welcoming new startups to the RISE experience. Since work began on RISE 2016, we’ve had a great time connecting with amazing startups like AxelSpace and ShadowFax. It’s also been brilliant to catch up with returning startups like CricHQ and Algolia. I’ll be on the ground in Hong Kong, along with the startups team of Jenny, Josh, Allison and Jack. There’s nothing better than connecting with startups at an event. We love it – @ us when you’re at RISE or find us on the RISE App and we’ll chat. Here are some of the startups we’re really looking forward to meeting. They’re all joining START, our programme for our growth-stage startups. Check these guys out, and come say hi to the Startups Team at RISE.


Wavecell provides innovative cloud communication APIs to web and mobile applications, enterprises allowing them to connect to their customers via SMS, push notifications, voice and video. Wavecell’s cloud platform delivers communication services in more than 200 countries.


Algolia is a hosted search platform with unique differentiators for all important aspects of search. This allows websites and mobile applications to increase user engagement and conversions.

Ambi Climate

Ambi Climate allows you to manage all your air conditioners from your smartphone. It learns what AC settings you prefer and builds a tailored profile based off your preferences.


Axelspace is a startup company developing businesses in the microsatellite field. They plan to construct a monitoring platform to cover the entire globe on a daily basis at extremely low cost.   Take a look at the other startups joining START…
  1. 5Miles
  2. Algolia
  3. Ambi Climate
  4. Apax English
  5. Appsters
  6. Aptoide
  7. AxelSpace
  8. Bugwolf
  9. ChargeBee
  10. Apax English
  11. CricHQ
  12. Delivery Republic
  13. Dragon Law
  14. Ensa
  15. eOneNet
  16. EventXtra
  17. Exabytes
  18. HelloTalk
  19. Jobable
  20. MediaPlex
  21. MyTaxiIndia
  22. Nixplay
  23. PaxLife
  24. PEFrontOffice
  25. Prenetics
  26. Qraved
  27. Shadowfax
  28. SimGo
  29. Simple Wearables
  30. Snapt
  31. TNG Wallet
  32. Toreta
  33. Trip Insiders
  34. Uitox
  35. Wavecell
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