T – 4 Weeks: Exhibiting at RISE

T – 4 Weeks: Exhibiting at RISE

June 29, 2015 by Anna O'Hare

Grab a RISE ticket while there’s still some left

  With just one day to exhibit at RISE, we’re encouraging all startups to be as proactive as possible. We sat down with the events team here at RISE HQ and got a few tips on how to make the most of exhibiting at the event.

Startup App

The startup app is your one-stop shop for all things exhibiting. The info you submit here is multi-purpose, but will be used primarily for printing an exhibition board for your stand. Remember that your profile must be complete by July 8, 2015.


Login to the app is via a URL unique to your company. You can share this URL with as many colleagues as you like- no need for logins or passwords.

Your exhibition board will display your Company Name and Logo as well as your Company Twitter URL, Website, Country of Origin and a 140 character Elevator Pitch.

Pitch Deck

Prepare a pitch deck before the event. These are great to have running on screen at your stand or even to demo while networking on the go. Remember:
  • Have your verbal pitch down to a tee. See if you can sum up what your company does in 30 seconds
  • Have online and offline versions of all your presentation materials at the ready
  • Different people = different pitch. Whether it’s an investor, partner, customer or potential hire, understand who you’re talking to and engage them in a way they understand. Have a short slide deck prepared for each of the your different audiences.

Social Media Sharing is Caring

Most of the time the first place contacts look you up is online. Make sure your Company Website and Social Media Sites like Twitter and Crunchbase are up to date. Tag any posts with #RISEConf. Sharing quick stories and snaps can be a great way to attract people to your stand.

Event Collateral

Any event collateral goes (within reason!) Leaflets, business cards and swag tend to work best. Avoid bringing large materials like pull-up banners or balloons. People love free stuff. So bring goodies! Try to be as memorable as possible and maximise brand awareness. Wear branded clothing, put logo stickers on your devices, and have you company logo on everything.

Good luck out there!

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Anna O'Hare
Anna is a storyteller at heart and is particularly passionate about telling the stories of startups. After returning from a year working in New York City's tech sector, she now writes for Collision, Web Summit, RISE and SURGE.