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The Midas Touch – Four Things Not to Miss

Anna O'Hare
Published on July 29, 2015

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The time is finally here. Tomorrow morning the doors of Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre open. We’re so unbelievably excited for all of the incredible speakers and content over the next 2 days. Here’s 4 things to be sure not to miss in the morning… and believe us it was hard to choose. Check out the full schedule¬†so as not to miss anything.

No longer copycats, but innovators

Neil Shen of Sequoia Capital China
It’s all starting on Centre Stage with Neil Shen’s keynote. There’s a myth¬†that China¬†is a land of copycats in the tech world. In fact, China is a land of innovators.¬†Neil is the go-to man at Sequoia Capital China. In his second year on the Midas List, Shen shot up the rankings in the wake of Alibaba’s massive public offering and the not-as-massive-but-huge IPO of JD.com. His best deal,¬†Vipshop now has a market capitalisation of over $15 billion.¬†An article written about him last month refers to him as holding the key to the future in China’s buyout frenzy. This keynote should be a good one. 9:30am, Centre Stage. shen

The Midas touch

Jenny Lee of GGV Capital  
This morning¬†we’ll see the tech world through the eyes of the world’s leading female investor.¬†Jenny Lee, Managing Partner at GGV Capital has been instrumental in setting up GGV‚Äôs presence in China. A self-professed geek and product investor, she has been recognised by Forbes¬†for 4¬†consecutive years in the Global Top 100 VC Midas list. She was #10 on the 2015 Midas list, the first time a woman has broken the top 10 and the highest ranking ever for a woman in the history of the list. 10:05am, Centre Stage. jenny

Bitcoin: Crime and Regulation

Bobby Lee of BTC 
Bitcoin was once heralded as the future of finance. It has still yet to cement itself in the contemporary zeitgeist. Bobby is the CEO of BTC China, a 3 year old exchange which he purchased in 2013. He led an expansion in market share coinciding with rising Bitcoin prices in the fourth quarter of the year. December 2013 saw BTC China leading the world’s Bitcoin exchanges in volume. With Bitcoin becoming increasingly more accepted, we hear from him on the darker side effects of its anonymity. 10:35am, Enterprise Stage.  Bobby Lee 12

A new world of work

Amit Singh of Google
Spearheading Google for Work’s vision to forge a new way of working, Amit Singh shares insight into the leadership of the man who runs Google’s enterprise business. He was asked briefly¬†here about going after Microsoft customers. We’re looking forward to hearing more.¬†12:20pm, Enterprise Stage.¬† googlesing It’s going to be an incredible few days at RISE. Enjoy the first morning and stay tuned for more.