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Three founders coming to RISE: Shradha Sharma, Alexis Horowitz-Burdick, Dun Xiao

Anna O'Hare
Published on December 8, 2015

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We’ve already got a long list of speakers coming to RISE, including a number of founders of disruptive and innovative companies. Today, we’re introducing three of the founders who will be gracing the stage at RISE. The founders of YourStory, Luxola and 17zuoye will all be speaking. Let’s take a moment to get to know them, and their companies, a bit better:

Shradha Sharma – Founder – YourStory

syourstory As the founder and chief editor of YourStory, Shradha is on the look out for the startup stories that beg to be told. Before founding YourStory, Shradha was a journalist who worked with the likes of the Times of India and CNBC TV18.

Alexis Horowitz-Burdick – Founder – Luxola

rise1l Spotting the opportunity for a beauty ecommerce store in South East Asia, Alexis created Luxola. She was on to a winner, and this year Luxola was acquired by LVMH US$15 million.

Dun Xiao – Co-founder – 17zuoye

rise77 Dun is the co-founder of the edtech platform 17zuoye, which has recently announced series D funding of US$100 million. This is on top of millions of funding prior, bringing the overall valuation of the company to a staggering US$600 million. Join Shradha, Alexis, Dun and other tech leaders at RISE. Register for two half-price tickets.