To Startups, From Investors

To Startups, From Investors

June 30, 2015 by Anna O'Hare

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We’re only 4 weeks out from RISE. This week we’re focusing on investors and how to make the most of your time with them at the event.


Approaching Investors at RISE

We asked Simon Squibb, CEO of Nest Investments for his expert advice on approaching investors. Simon is an entrepreneur, startup founder and seed capital investor based in Hong Kong.


Here are Simon’s words of wisdom:  
  • Research who will be at the event. Don’t just turn up and hope to meet the folks of interest to you. Try and plan it a little.
  • Remember: Investors need startup founders to invest in. In other words, we need you as much as you need us. Be cool. Approach the relationship in that way. We end up team mates more than investor/founder titles so try to build a friendship first.
  • This type of event is an opportunity to make friends with the investment community for the long term. Don’t open with ‘I need this amount of money’ but instead make a real connection.
  • I always say to founders, “Tell me 3 things you want for your business (not money)“. Investors always like to know how we can help. Sometimes you find the last thing on the list is money (although of course it’s always on the list). Asking investors for help over money can be an opportunity to get to know each other quicker than the months it can take to get a term sheet drawn up.

Investor Attendees at RISE

We have some incredible investors from renowned funds attending RISE. Check out the three profiled below and the list at the end.

Kangjoon (Ryan) Lee – Partner – SoftBank Ventures Korea

Kangjoon Ryan Lee is an executive director and partner at SoftBank Ventures Korea. Since joining back in 2003 he has led a number of investments mainly in internet/mobile services, gaming, cloud, data centre solutions and communication technologies around Asia. Exhilarated by products, services and technologies that are disruptive and innovative, Ryan enjoys working with entrepreneurs who dare to dream big and who possess caliber that’s enough to make meaningful impact on people’s lives. His selected past and current portfolio companies include Indilinx (acquired by OCZ, NSDQ:OCZ), Entelligent (acquired by Nexon, TSE:3659), Soompi (acquired by Enswers), Redmart and Wandoujia.


Dusan Stojanovic – Founder and Director – True Global Ventures

A “citizen of the world” with a Swedish passport, Dušan was awarded the prize Business Angel of the Year in Europe in 2013 by EBAN (European Business Angel Network) after having three positive exits within a week.  He has worked for more than 20 years within Business Development, primarily within Fintech. Half of the time at GE Capital and and the rest with own ventures/investments. Dusan has learnt six languages and as many cultures. Five years ago he founded True Global Ventures and still acts as director.


Jim Kim – Founding Partner – Formation 8

Jim is a founding member of Formation 8, and enjoys investing in entrepreneurs working on transformative, contrarian companies. Prior to Formation 8, Jim was a General Partner at Khosla Ventures, where he led investments and founded technology companies in a variety of industries including IT, hardware, energy, and consumer products. Jim enjoys kung-fu, tai chi, making wine and fishing.



Yoshihiko Max Kinoshita – Managing Partner – Skyland Ventures
Arnout Mostert – Partner – AccelerAsia
Ronnie Wee – Managing Partner – IncuVest
Kent Ho – Partner – Harbor Pacific Capital
Roger Lim – Partner – Innosight Ventures
Kiel Berry – Executive Vice President – Machine Shop Ventures
Dany Farha – Co-founder & CEO – BECO Capital
Andrew Choi – Associate – TA Associates
Melissa Heng – Senior Associate – General Atlanticrise
Hilton Tam – CEO and Founder – Bright Success Capital
Julian Marland – Partner – True Global Ventures
Ronald Savino – Founder – Asia Fintech Angels
Tim Marvin Marbach – Founder & CEO – Asia Venture Group
Sunil Verma – Founder & Partner – Team in Residence
Henry Sukwon Choi – Associate – SoftBank Ventures Korea
Tony Conrad – Partner – True Ventures
Melissa Guzy – Managing Partner & Founder – Arbor Partners
Andy Zain – Managing Director – Mountain Sea Ventures
Jamie Lin – Founding Partner – Appworks
Brian Koo – Founding Member – Formation8

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