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Top Australian Startups Making Their Way to RISE

Anna O'Hare
Published on July 8, 2015

Snatch up a RISE ticket for the end of July

We’re only 3 weeks away from RISE. Here we give you a selection of top startups exhibiting from Australia.


For getting picked up at the airport in a country you’ve never been to. Or spending the holidays with a family you never knew you had, but now could never live without. This crowd are changing travel and are the world’s biggest travel tribe. These guys are incorporating lots of cool features into their app like wander cards, messaging and radius search.



Favful is apparently the place to discover other’s favourite beauty tips. The app helps people do their pre-purchase research among peers they trust with private question and photo posting groups. Favful are all about people using a social network to empower each other and hear the unvarnished truth about products. favful


Vendorable wants to help property vendors find the right agent through access to data. The platform aims to help agents find clients in different areas and vendors find the most competitive agents. So how does it work? A vendor lists their property which real estate agents then ‘bid’ on to be appointed to the sale. They provide an appraisal, commission, costs, sample material, sales strategy and a pitch. How do they make money off it? The platform takes a commission of 5.5 percent from agents upon the completion of a sale. MORE AUSTRALIAN STARTUPS MAKING THEIR WAY TO HONG KONG: NEXTIN The Bearded Chap HashChing Be Collective Kademi WantMarket ditno Hitch a Ride BankVaultOnline JamJar TechConnect IT Solutions Pro SMART Vdyo