Top five Hong Kong Instagrammers to follow

Anna O'Hare
Published on March 15, 2016
Early bird tickets for RISE available
  RISE is hitting Hong Kong on May 31-June 2. Let’s take a look at our top 5 Instagrammers from the city.

Grilled Tiger prawns – tom yum infused olive oil. ???????????? #ckanieats #ckanitravels #eatmebangkok #eatme #tigerprawns #prawns #food #foodspotting #foodporn #nom #latergram

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Casey Phaisalakani, @ckani, is a photographer and visual content manager. She captures local delicacies in a mouth-watering fashion.


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Despite the hustle and bustle of the city, Edward Barnieh, @edwardkb, captures the quiet simplicity of Hong Kong, from its empty streets to its serene harbour views.

One of the best sashimi I have had in gazillion years – Ebisu Dai. Thanks to Google, now I can ask for Japanese Soldierfish aka Deepwater Squirrelfish aka Ebisu Perch aka Giant Squirrelfish aka エビスダイ every time. #爽 #彈 ???????? #fatasslovesfood

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Roseee, @fatasslovesfood, has created a stunning visual diary, featuring a blend of artistic Asian foods.

Strictly roots

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Jethro Mullen, @jethromullen, is a CNN journalist by day, in his spare time he cleverly captures Hong Kong daily life in a unique and inspiring fashion.

City vibes || #HongKong #puddlegram

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Priyanka Boghani @priboghani is a Hong Kong-based journalist with a penchant for colour, chaos and character. Her abstract images capture Hong Kong in a unique way.  
Come for the tech, stay for the picturesque views of Hong Kong.