What time do my Rise tickets go on sale?

Anna O'Hare
Published on January 26, 2015

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  That’s a great question, thanks for asking. You’re welcome. So what’s the answer, you say? Well, that depends… on where you are in the world. We’d love it if we could tell everyone the same time, but we can’t. Hey, don’t blame us, get in touch with whoever came up with International Atomic Time, i.e. the standard time system that forms the basis for Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) and let them know how annoying it is. It was probably some nerd over at the Royal Greenwich Observatory or the United States Naval Observatory. What do they know. Anyway, here are the important times to set your watch by…


Hong Kong – 10am – Thursday 29th January For most of the world, you guys in Hong Kong are actually in the future. But you’re also right where RISE takes place, so your tickets go on sale in the morning. Also on sale at this time in Manila, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Perth New York – 9pm – Wednesday 28th January So, because of UTC, when tickets go on sale in Hong Kong it’s actually the previous day in New York (I mean, seriously, someone over at the Observatory needs to get fired). So get your credit card ready for Wednesday evening, NOT Thursday. San Francisco – 6pm – Wednesday 28th January Finally, one I can wrap my head around. The West Coast is of course 3 hours behind EST, so all you Californians/Oregonians/Washingtonians/Arizonians (etc.) can secure your spot at Asia’s most exciting tech event right around dinner time. Other onsale times around the world:

Chicago – 8pm (Wednesday) | Rio Di Janeiro – 12am | London – 2am | Cape Town – 4am | Mumbai – 7.30am | Tokyo – 11am | Sydney – 1pm

If you sign up for a 2-for-1 RISE tickets, you can expect your discount code to arrive in your inbox by Wednesday, so look out for it. You will then be given instructions on how to book – it couldn’t be simpler. Any ticket issues or worries? Check out this blog post so you can know how to get in touch with us.