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You’re going to talk to hundreds of people. Improve your pitch: A startup’s advice

Anna O'Hare
Published on April 8, 2016
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San Francisco-based startup Algolia joined us at RISE in 2015. They also exhibited at our European event Web Summit, and our US event Collision. They specialise in a hosted search API, count Vevo, Periscope, Quiksilver, Medium and Product Hunt as customers, and announced an $18.3 million Series A last year.
Algolia help people find things
Product specialist Alex Kudelka talked us through Algolia’s experience at our events.

“Don’t distract from your product”

We keep our exhibition stand and booth generic in terms of look and feel. We don’t want to distract from our product. We demo the product on a looping screen in the centre. This often speaks for itself and draws people into speaking with us.
We sometimes use large stickers on the ground in front of our booth to catch people’s eyes. We have anywhere between 2-3 people on the booth at any given time. There is always at least one sales person, one technical person and sometimes one marketing person and/or a founder.
eoghanslack Algolia Co-Founder Nicolas Dessaigne (far left) on the Web Summit stage
Our main connections have been people in similar positions to us, and they have given us great, direct feedback on the product. We also make connections with prospects and large companies. At RISE , for example, we were able to meet one of the highest trafficked sites in the world.

What was the one key takeaway for Algolia?

The improvement of our pitch, and the opportunity to explore different regions of the world and what matters most in those markets.

What advice would you give to startups coming to RISE in 2016?

Use this time to really improve your pitch, you will talk to hundreds of people, let them give you advice and feedback. Get out of the conference and plan meetings in the city, learn the market and region. Ask people to give feedback on your product after you show it, do not just pitch and let people walk away. Join the world’s most promising startups at RISE. Apply for ALPHA.