HONG KONG, JULY 9-12, 2018

"It's funny what can happen in a bar."

- Skillbridge CEO, Rajeev Jeyakumar

The giants of the web assemble in Hong Kong to experience the best of the contemporary nightlife.

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You weren’t thinking of sleeping, were you?

The best of RISE's networking takes places in bars across Hong Kong after hours. Night Summit will take over the City of Hong Kong from 8pm nightly from July 8-11.
Each night we’ll introduce you to a different zone in Hong Kong. You may not know their names now. But you’ll remember them after Night Summit.
RISE goes beyond the 9-5.

The event was packed with hundreds of tech startups eager to raise their profile
The Economist

The optimism at the RISE technology conference here in Hong Kong is palpable

Everywhere you go it’s buzzing and it’s electric