HONG KONG, JULY 8-11, 2018

Night Summit


"It’s funny what can happen in a bar."

- Skillbridge CEO, Rajeev Jeyakumar


The giants of the web assemble in Hong Kong to experience the best of the contemporary nightlife.

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You weren’t thinking of sleeping, were you?

RISE doesn’t end at 5pm.

From July 8 to 11 we’re bringing legendary networking to the streets of Hong Kong.


RISE’s Night Summit will take over the City of Hong Kong from 8pm nightly.


We’re partnering with some of the biggest companies in tech to throw parties for RISE attendees, startups, investors and speakers.


Each night we’ll introduce you to a different zone in Hong Kong. You may not know their names now. But you’ll remember them after Night Summit.


Take it from Goldman Sachs’s former Head of Internet Investments Scott Stanford:

“The magic began basically after the conference was over, in the evening, when everyone goes to the pubs. It was truly magical.”

The biggest tech conference of its kind for startups and investors in Asia. BBC

The most brilliant minds in international tech were at RISE. Forbes

A startup conference like RISE where entrepreneurs, startups, investors and the press meet has been long due in Hong Kong. Forbes