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HONG KONG, JULY 9-12, 2018

"It's funny what can happen in a bar."

– Skillbridge CEO, Rajeev Jeyakumar

RISE is kicking off from July 8-11. Join one of our pub crawls and discover the best of Hong Kong’s nightlife. You never know who you’ll meet along the way.

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Who will you have a drink with in Hong Kong?

From Sunday, July 8, RISE will be taking over the Hong Kong nightlife.
Pub Crawls kick off in the early evening, guiding groups of our attendees on a little tour of the city's liveliest, most atmospheric and most charming pubs and bars, and run till whenever you decide to call it a night. You might just not want the evening to end.
Bono, Jack Dorsey, Elon Musk and the Game of Thrones' King Joffrey have all led our Pub Crawls. Who will lead yours?

The event was packed with hundreds of tech startups eager to raise their profile
The Economist

The optimism at the RISE technology conference here in Hong Kong is palpable

Everywhere you go it’s buzzing and it’s electric