JULY 8-11, 2019

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JULY 8-11, 2019


What startups say about exhibiting at RISE

RISE proved to be a great platform that helped with networking and meeting new people, especially in the Asian startup scene. The RISE app ensured we did not miss out on anything important during the event.

- Chargebee

At RISE, you have the chance to make connections with the people who matter most to startup success. The networking opportunities are incredible.

- Appsters

The networking, inspiration, and exposure you get on a global platform make RISE Asia’s number one tech event. An amazing experience.

- Bugwolf

We made connections at RISE that continue to be of real, tangible benefit to us. It really is quite an event.

- Carmen Automotive

If you’re looking for an event that brings together tech’s most influential under one roof, you’re looking for RISE.

- Exabytes

I hadn’t experienced networking like it before. RISE is a special event.

- Fantasee

While at RISE, we had the chance to connect with people we wouldn’t have been able to otherwise. The exposure you can get for your startup is incredible.

- simplicityEngine

RISE is the number one Asian tech conference. There’s loads of value for every startup!

- Snapt

At RISE, you’ll meet industry leaders from all over the world and exchange advice, stories and experiences. You’ll leave inspired and determined – trust us!

- Uncloset

You almost can’t help but make important connections at RISE. Everything is geared towards helping startups take advantage of incredible networking opportunities.

- Undone

RISE was extraordinary. The energy in the room between all of the startups, brilliant minds, industry leaders and investors was something I’ve never experienced before. This is a must-attend event for any startup in the tech space, not only for the education, but for the incredible connections.

- Virtual Legal

RISE is the tech conference where startups can really test the validity of their product and service. You’re in an and amongst the best in international tech. W Hub stands for making meaningful connections RISE is the nirvana of networking.

- W Hub

RISE presents a unique opportunity to startups to mix with some of the world’s most established founders, CEOs and tech investors. A truly great event.

- Wavecell

You join people of real influence at RISE, and get to see if your startup measures up. We couldn’t recommend it highly enough.

- YoStartups

Some of the World's Best Companies Exhibit at RISE

Each exhibition day at RISE brought new connections, new leads and new networking opportunities that more than lived up to our high expectations.

- CosmosupplyLab

The network that attends RISE makes it the one essential Asian tech conference. You’re in the same room as the most important people in international tech – the opportunities to connect with these people blew us away

- Enchant VC

We don’t take the decision to exhibit at any conference lightly. For each event we attend, we put in place strict criteria to measure ROI. We were delighted that RISE more than exceeded our expectations this year!

- FullContact

RISE is the place where tech’s brightest meet. It’s the place to really see how you measure up against everyone from major, established players, to real up-and-comers. A truly top-class event.

- SendGrid

None of our team had experienced an environment quite like RISE before. The opportunities presented to us to connect with potential customers and influential executives were incredible.

- Sisense

Forbes, BBC, China Daily and more come to RISE

"Far surpassing even the largest global conferences. Truly world-class."

- Forbes

“The biggest tech conference of its kind for startups and investors in Asia"


"Brings together world-leading entrepreneurs and investors."

- South China Morning Post

“RISE is one of the biggest technology conferences in Asia.”

- Quartz

"The giants of the web assemble."

- Wall Street Journal

“The vibe felt as if the entire city of Hong Kong actually rallied behind this one single event.”

- Forbes

"The optimism at the RISE technology conference here in Hong Kong is palpable."


“A meeting place for entrepreneurs and investors from Western and Eastern regions.”

- The Korea Herald

"A grand conclave of the tech industry’s high priests."

- The New York Times

“Multinational leaders gathered to discuss the global trend of science and technology fluctuations.”

- Sohu

"The Most Brilliant Minds in International Tech were at RISE"

- Forbes

“The biggest startup event in Asia where entrepreneurs and investors from the East and West meet to find ways to expand their businesses globally.”

- Computer World HK

"The premier science and technology event in China."

- Caijing

"Where some of Asia’s most potentially disruptive startups came together"

- Tech In Asia

"A destination for startups looking to raise their profile and learn how to build their businesses."

- China Daily

“Thousands of entrepreneurs and investors hoping to become or discover the next Facebook or Google.”

- South China Morning Post