JULY 9-12, 2018

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JULY 9-12, 2018

PITCH: The startup battle

“This is a one of a kind experience. We’ve gotten more out of PITCH than we ever could have wished for.”

Zap Zap Math, winner of PITCH 2017

Applications for PITCH have now closed. You can still apply to take part in ALPHA, the startup programme at RISE.

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What is PITCH?

PITCH, in partnership with HSBC, is the ultimate startup competition at RISE, bringing together the world’s leading early-stage startups for a live onstage battle.

The top 70 startups that apply will get to present in front of distinguished investor panels, influential media, and global partners. Startups will battle it out across three days for a chance to present in front of thousands of attendees on Centre Stage and be crowned winner of PITCH at RISE 2018.

Previous judges

Previous winners

It helped us generate traction. re:3d, 2015 Winner, PITCH at Collision

PITCH looks for innovative companies and gives them an opportunity to present their ideas to panel of investors and journalists from around the world Forbes

The press coverage of our victory has been a great resource in getting investors and partners for sales. Rorus, 2016 PITCH winner at Collision