HONG KONG, JULY 11-13, 2017

Community Nights

May 31 - June 1

Our Community Nights bring people from all over Hong Kong together with the world’s leading entrepreneurs, engineers, executives, investors and media.


What is Community Night?

RISE is bringing together an international network of world-leading founders and CEOs, influential brands and the most promising startups from across the globe for three days of legendary networking in Hong Kong.

The nights will feature talks from incredible speakers and the networking we think makes RISE special. Meet the people you can learn from at the RISE Community Nights.


May 31 | Community Night

On May 31, we’re running a RISE Community Night, which will be open to all, free of charge. We hope that it will give the chance to as many people as possible to come and be inspired by the RISE experience.

Applications are now closed.

June 1 | Headliner Series

From Freewheel to Freelancer: It’s the Headliner Series.

Our Headliner Series are special talks happening as part of RISE but for a more intimate audience.

Hear from Kabam’s Holly Liu on leadership, Freewheel’s Diane Yu on the ad tech industry and Freelancer’s Matt Barrie on finding a winning startup idea.

How do I apply?

RISE attendees are welcome to attend but you must RSVP to reserve your spot.


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